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Hee :)

Seems I am already 12th from top in the *True Life* section of the website, in less than 24 hours :)

And people I don't know are commenting on it favourably!
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Nothing ventured...I have just uploaded Trucking Hell to the Harper Collins website


Currently 11 chapters, I will be putting more up over the next few days...

Please read, if you so wish, and comment ditto :)
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Okay, crunch time.
I need to decide fairly soon what I am going to do with Trucking Hell. There's been no reply either from the publisher or the agent, so I'm guessing that they're both pretty much dead ends.
so, I have to decide whether to go looking for another agent, go looking for another publisher, or simply POD it with Lulu.
If I go for the first two options this could mean an interminable delay, which, on top of the 12 month delay caused by the previous publisher going Tits Up is getting to be Too Long, a\nd my enthusiasm is beginiong to flag.
On the other hand if I POD it with Lulu, then as I don't have an ISBN then I won't be able to promote it at Amazon and other online book stores. It'll be out in the public domain, but only in a limited sense.
I'll have to have a long hard think...
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So, TFP is now officially wound up. *Formally into liquidation* is how it is described by Clare Christian, the MD.

This at least makes totally official the news that most of us has known for some time.

I feel sorry for Clare, having to watch her baby fall apart, but I also feel deeply sorry for those who have provided a service and received no compensation. My author, for example, had to put up with so much from me, and has not, AFAIK, received anything for it. I don't know if authors have received their moneys, but given that so many of them have become friends of mine I have to hope that their royalties are safe.

And, of course, I feel sorry for the death of Trucking Hell. But at least I haven't lost anything apart from a couple of hundred hours, bitten fingernails, sleepless nights....

Oh well. Back to Real Life, I s'pose.
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Well, as it is out in the open in a big way, I can probably mention this now without cause for concern.

After all the work, there is a big possibility that Trucking Hell will not be published.
TFP, the publisher, have problems, are up for sale, in recievership, not in receivership etc, and as a result it is unlikely that TH will see the light of day.

Oh well. I tried.
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I can has an interview!

(Lolcat is extremely annoying, and yet invasive. I can has not talk like this nao pls? Kthxbye)
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She did it!

I am in tears here. Someone signed *A friend of a friend* took the total to over £1,000.

It is amazing!

I feel so proud to know her...you cannot imagine the stress this has put her through, with other *things* happening to make it all the more difficult. Gosh!

And I can't help but feel the *Friend of a friend* may have been one of you, in which case *hugs!*

And *hugs* anyway whether you donated or not, because...because...well, just *hugs!*
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Folk, this is really impoortant to me, and to a lot of other people. I don't ask a lot from folk, but here I am, asking.
Caroline's fundraising book idea has already raised far in excess of the £500 she was aiming for. I know you don't know her, but the one in four charity is in dire need of funds, and Caroline has put so much effort, so much time, so much worry into Disraeli Avenue, just a couple of bob won't hurt. Do what you can, and pop over and say *Hi* To Caroline here and give her a boost. She is a lovely person. barking mad, mind...she likes Simon Cowell! But don't let that put you off!

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I have a day off today...awaiting delivery of a matress. So...a lie-in happened.

Except...Willow went out on the balcony, and spent 20 minutes in the apparently -4 freezing fog.
And then decided to warm her frost-bedecked snottle by ramming it between the cheeks of my arse.

Some of you may have seen car adverts. 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. 2.8 seconds. 1.0 seconds. Trust me, this is mere ambulatory sloth, compared to asleep to awake in 0.001 seconds.

And not just awake. Not "Bleugh, what time is it/where am I/where are my socks/I need a weewee" awake. No, dear reader. This transcends any early morning wake up call. This makes the *Diddly Beep* of my alarm clock, up to now my most hated of sounds, almost a warm and loving partner. To achieve this level of awake would require a sudden immersion in liquid helium, whilst simultaneously having your blood instantly replaced with a 50/50 mix of hot Nescafe and ipecac. My mind briefly observed eternity. My brain understood the most fundamental questions on the planet. These questions I now put to you.


2) Where is my scrotum?

3) Why do I have 3 adams apples?

4) Why can I only say *Squeak*?

5) Why do I seem to have forgotten how to breath out?

6) Why am I on the ceiling?
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My dear friend Caroline Smailes has written a book.
Please go here, now, read about it, download it, and donate to 1 in 4. Go on. You know you want to.
While you're there, buy a copy of *In search of Adam* as well
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